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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ski Vacation in Park City, Utah
March 8-13, 2013

We traveled with the babes to our most favorite ski destination.  What a great trip!  The girls traveled like champs, giggling at each other the whole way.  We arrived to 8 inches of fresh powder, making our ski experiences phenomenal.  Gabrielle and her buddy Jake both attended 3 days of ski school.  We knew they would have fun, and certainly love playing in the snow, but we were not expecting the excitement with which they embraced the actual skiing!  By day 3, they were jumping onto the ski lift like old pros, and making their way down the mountain together swishing from side to side.  On my last ski day, I snuck onto the lift behind them and their instructor and took some great pictures and video without their knowledge.  SO ADORABLE.  I noticed that the instructor kept calling her "Yacky" instead of Gabrielle.  I asked about it later and he smiled and said that he had her life story within the first 5 minutes of ski school and that she chatted her whole way down the slopes.  Yep, that's my girl. 

 While everyone went tubing at Gorgonzola Park, Evelyn kicked her legs with excitement everytime a tube went by.  She couldn't have been more pleased when I plopped her down in a tiny tube and started to pull her through the snow. 

 Gabrielle and Jake picked up right where their friendship left off a few months ago.



 Itty Bitty Snow Bunny

 Ahhhhh..... Mommy Spa Day

Date Night with the Boys